Hi, I’m Sanah


I’m a world traveller, speaker, spoken word artist, and a life long learner. Being a fearless and persuasive public speaker I have given TEDx talks, key note speeches all over India and worked with some of the biggest and brightest minds in the world.


On graduating from NYU with my Master’s in Behavioural Psychology, I realized that we all posses the traits to become our very best selves, but sometimes we need help. From a 2.8 semester GPA in undergrad to a 4.0 in NYU, I’ve learned a lot in my journey and the most important lessons are of self esteem, confidence, and the ability to change one’s mindset to achieve ANYTHING you set your mind to.

Too often people simply tell others what to do, not how to do it. Having been there and done that, I’m here to show you how to be your best self, live your best life, and be the master of your destiny.


No matter how old, no matter where in the world you are, and no matter what your goals are, they all start with one step in the right direction. We can take those together.

I use behavioural psychology to make sure that the steps we learn ACTUALLY work. No jargon, just amazing outcomes.

Unsure of what you need? Get in touch with me and let’s figure it out together!Come say hi and find your presence and define your life on your terms.

It’s your life, live it on your terms.