New Poem, Old Hesitations

Whenever I post a short form of freestyle poetry on Instagram, my heart skips an uneasy beat. I worry for errors, typos, reactions, and finally, comparisons. “Is it as good as …?”, “Will it say what I want it to..?”, “Is it the good enough to be here..?”

And every time, I pause, I breathe and I post. Sometimes I give an explanation for it, sometimes, I just post it and forget about it.  I always thought the more I posted, the less I’ll hesitate, but turns out, every new piece, brings with it the same emotions, the same reservations, the same happiness.

This is yet another piece that did all the above to me.

I've Never Tasted Whiskey

The FULL poem –

I’ve Never tased whiskey,

But I’ve felt the shame.

Both, for resisting and wanting it

Sometimes I think it’ll glide down my throat

Like a snake in water

Heavy yet knowing.

I think it will burn me from within

And keep me alive to feel the burn

I can almost taste the sputter

And the shutting of my eyes

The crawling of my skin

The curling of my lips.


I’ve never tasted whiskey

But I’ve seen on it my love

How it slides down from her tender fingers

Into the glass

And into her walk.

How it coaxes her to smile

Her smiles and swing her hips

How it makes her redial

Her boyfriend from her fingertips.


I’ve never tasted whiskey,

But I’ve seen it in the bar

Being eyed by a boy

And girls

And people

And sitting there, mocking them

Knowing they’ll have to wait to have it.

I’ve never tasted whiskey

I’ve never been in love

Both have ruined

Both have flourished.



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