Starting Right, Beginning and The Forever – I Began

Every year we want to start right. The right diet, the right friends, the right rituals, the right way. Every year, we find ourselves falling short. We find ourselves stuck in the awkward in-between of lousy and perfect. We find ourselves then in a limbo of almost happy, almost successful, almost done.

Only to being again in 364 days.

What if, we altered the process. What happens if, instead of worrying about starting right, we begin to focus on simply starting? This isn’t a new idea and it isn’t the first time anyone has said it. In fact, it’s been said to me many times before but only recently was it said in a way that slowly began to make sense, to resonate, with me.

I realized, six years into starting my foray into *public* writing, that waiting for ‘the right start’ only meant finding excuses to wait. To put off what mattered and then eventually question if it matters enough.

Even then, it’s only fair, that I bring this up on a day when everyone I know is overtly or covertly writing down their goals and aspirations.

This year, I hope to simply start and then continue. To find a way out of the limbo and into the now. To do what makes me happy and to do more of it and to begin and eventually wander into – I Began.

Begin 4.0


I hope you begin, begin, begin, and never stop.

I’ll see you around more this year.

Virtual love,