Review – The Unkillable Kitty O’Kane

I’ve often said, a good book is like a splendid speech. Every piece fits in just where it matters, the punches are there and the call to action is loud and clear. Every book, romance, history, fiction, has a good clear call to action. The call makes you believe something, anything.

Hope, love. dreams, success. The best books, sell all the above. Good books sell some of the above, below average books, almost sell the above.

The Unkillable Kitty O’Kane is a book that almost makes its point. it almost makes you feel bad, almost sad, almost angry. But never makes you feel anything. Kitty O'kane.jpg

The book follows the life of Kitty O’Kane, an abused child who swears to leave her old life behind to start a new life. Her future foretold to her once, warns her of misgivings and mishappenings – all of which come true. The protagonist, none the less survives, jaded and unsure. Kitty, conveniently falls in the lap of rich and powerful men, because she’s beautiful and naive. Her childhood lover also finds his way to her. The characters too are underdeveloped and stereotypical. Sad, strong girl. Rich mean guy. One perfect handsome love of her life. Also for a book set in the early 19’th century, the characters talk a bit too much like the people of today.

The book feels very much like a wanna-be political, historical fiction but turns out to be a romantic-novel with a bit of history thrown in. One is never convinced of the depth of Kitty’s problems or her emotional state. We are only told that kitty is sad and jaded, but whenever an opportunity arises to see her that way, we miss it.

I wish this book had more

  1. Historic reference.
  2. Lesser characters but better developed I want to see what makes the people tick.
  3. Better transition in the story. The shift from one chapter to the nest is too abrupt.

I give the book 2 stars. Pick it up if you want a quick, easy, sort-of-historical but more romantic book.

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