Reviewing – Helium by Rudy Francisco

Poetry is like a well-written book. Some prefer thrillers, some prefer romance. Helium is a welcome combination of both.

The book has four parts that try to take you through love, loss, America, and introduce you to Rudy. Raw. Happy. Sad. Rudy. While it’s difficult to stun with every line and every page, Francisco’s work is a welcome change from the current trend of prose. Some poems will make you think, some make you indifferent. But all of them will make you feel something.

Image – Button Poetry

My favourite out the entire collection is titled ‘Water’. I am yet to read a poem as stunning as that this year. Dive into the book an swim in it slowly. Let the words and pages take you on a journey.

If you’re in a hurry, let this book slow you down, let it make you rethink. Pick up this book and gift it yourself and someone you love.

It’s three stars from me. (Yes, that’s good. )

I downloaded Helium from NetGallery for a free review. I’d heard of the book because I had heard his poems on Button Poetry.  Featured Image from Button Poetry. No copyright intended.


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