Making Sense of Non-Sensical Things

Life is unpredictable. We plan for it. We hope for it, but at the end of the day, we cannot predict nor control it. And, as humans, logical, practical humans, this uncontrollable nature of life is absolutely the worst.

We hate things we do not know or cannot control. We love to enjoy a hot cup of tea when the rain is outside our windows. But getting caught in a downpour is enough to ruin our day. We need to feel in control. But as is life, just as we begin to make sense of it, it takes us by surprise and turns everything upside down.

Then what? Well, while this isn’t a tailor-made, airtight answer, it is a guide. To feel in control or make sense of the nonsensical things there are some things we can do –

1. Do What We Can (Duh!)

In every situation, there is something we can do immediately and somethings we have to wait for. Distinguish between the two and do the things you can do.  You cannot control the outcome, but you may be able to control the input.

2.Stay Away from the Blame Game

It’s easy to blame. Yourself, your past, your future, your dad, your mom, your husband or wife. While it might be someone’s fault, at the moment, blaming them won’t change anything. It’ll either break their spirit or make them hostile. Hold your tongue. Maybe a day will come when someone can mend or apologize for their faults. But in the midst of trouble, it’ll only add to it.

3. Take a Break

Seriously. Read a book. Watch YouTube. Order in. Take a break. Stressing your mind only adds to its troubles. A mind cannot function well under stress. It will instead, think of everything that can go wrong and try to come up with a backup plan for everything leaving it exhausted to plan for something actually goes wrong. It needs a break to be able to see genuine threats and come up with good, legit, plans.

4.  Talk to people

Talk to people you trust. Your family, friend, doctor, whoever is a well-wisher. Talk to them. Include them in the process. Listen to them. Take their advice. Know that you are not alone. Knowing that you have someone to look out for you will be hope in itself. That hope will fuel you.

5. Do One Act Of Kindness

Kindness is a strange power. It’s the kind of power that almost taunts you till you accept it and pass it forward. Do one act of kindness for a stranger. Have no motive, no guarantee of repayment. Do it, because kindness will make you feel good. Do it, because it may help someone who still doesn’t know how to make sense of everything yet.  Do it, because kindness is a strength.

6. Have Faith

Faith is tricky for me. So I’m not the best person to speak about it, but my parents have tremendous faith. And it has always tided them though. Faith has given them strength and resilience. So if you can, have faith that everything will turn out the way it ought to. If you don’t have faith, then know that life will take the turns it has to. With or without faith, you have to do everything you can in your power and leave the rest to life. It’s just easier if you have faith.