The Self

Do you remember exactly what you were like when you were 5? 7? 14? 18? Do you remember¬†specifically what made you laugh, what motivated you, what kept you going? My guess is that you don’t. You may have a general idea of who you were, but with every passing year, something changed. The change could have been your sensibilities, your emotionality, your favorite cuisine, or whatever, but something(s) changed. So, when asked “who are you”, why do we often try and fit ourselves into a box? Why do we shrink ourselves to 3-4 adjectives and try to live up to those adjectives?

Well, maybe it’s because in that very moment those three adjectives may apply to us, but two weeks or two months from that moment we may be very different. The self is ever changing. While that is a difficult thought to entertain, it’s an important thought to retain. Don’t box yourself in. Remember, we all will change and that’s usually a good thing. So, embrace your uncertain self and flaunt your ever-evolving self.

The self is not a word, but a language within itself.

In love and health,



  1. I don’t know what I was at 5,7,14 or 18! But I remember what I was every year in last ten years atleast! Love the idea that self is a language!! I find myself changing so much, sometimes as frequent as every day!

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