Reading Poetry

Recently, I’ve seen and read lots of  poetry on social media. Serious, flippant, happy, sad-  all forms of poetry seem to be making their way to my news feed, yet, so many times, I’m left wanting. While poetry cannot be judged, per say, I do certainly enjoy a degree of creativity and authenticity in the poems I read. I admire and cherish poetry that pushes the boundaries of the physical, and spiritual world and I haven’t seen that much, if at all.

I see poems that resonate, elaborate and reiterate an existing sentiment, but I don’t want that. Maybe studying psychology and making it my career make me picky. I don’t want to know about the current known state, I want to learn about the current, unknown state.I want to be challenged, unhinged, uncomfortable, or excited, exuberant and absolutely amazed. I don’t want to simply nod in agreement or smile in acceptance.

And so, I’m excited because I still haven’t found that kind of poetry, means it must still exist somewhere waiting to be found.

If someone else has found poetry like that, please tell me.


  1. Exactly! It’s so hard to express emotions and yet push the boundaries of what we know and want to express.


  2. These days I am also seeing a number of poetic compositions written as prose. They are poetry, but written in prose-like paragraphs. Somehow I find the elegance and flow of traditional poetry missing in that form.

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