Replacing Focus with Commitment

When someone tells you to focus on work, what do you think of? I think of doing one task and not thinking of anything else at all. However, whenever I do that, I end up thinking of all the other tasks I need to do. The room I need to clean, the report I have to finish, the dish I had to put away, and the friend I wanted to call. Thinking and rethink this idea of focus, I realized it seemed incomplete.

Focus by itself left out a very important aspect of getting work done. Focus may need an uplift. I was thinking of commit with focus. Instead of focusing on a task, let’s instead commit to a task at a time. In that way, we consciously choose to do one task over another. This is not to say that the term focus needs to be replaced, but focus and committment make a better combination because the first thought one gets when you think of focus and commitment is that in order to focus on a task, we need to commit to it. So, any other task has to take a backseat but it won’t be forgotten because we can come back to it after the task at hand is done.