A Way to Love

I often wondered if loving someone was involuntary, almost like the way your heart beating or your blood flowing in your body. I wondered then, if that was the case if love was involuntary, once we begin loving someone we must never end or stop loving someone, right? But then as life happened it was such an amazing realization that we get to choose who to love. The attraction, may be involuntary, but even that to some extent, is a choice. So, in essence, can we choose to be in love forever? Yes. Will we ALWAYS be in love? Maybe not.

Emotions are ever present but which emotion is seen, felt or heard takes turns, situations, reactions. Emotions, regardless of the emotion, are fleeting. Anger, love, hate, happiness, they are all momentary. Love, then, becomes a momentary emotion. The good news is that love can encapsulate many positive emotions and so love can take so many more forms.  Love is a mixture of happiness, excitement, and gratitude. So though we may not always be in love, we can feel and express some form of love.