The Love of Ideas

I love ideas. I love new ideas, old ideas, exciting ideas and even boring ones. Well, it’s debatable if one has boring ideas or if every idea is exciting but only some resonate with us. I was watching Marie Forleo  and Seth Godin’s talk and was it amazing! To me, that was a new, exciting idea!

Seth Godin, spoke of priorities, how to do what you love and why you ought to blog every day. This talk was just what I was looking for,to be honest. It resonated with me way better than my 11th class physics lab that tried to teach us how things resonate and some law related to the same. I do wish class 11th physics resonated this well, but, hey, who’s keeping track? Having gone through his blog, I was inspired and since blogging is something I’ve been doing since 8th class (albeit not too well), I’m going to try and write every day. I have picked the 5 things I want to focus on at this point in my life, and blogging definitely made the cut.

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