To Think or Not To Think

Life is what it is.

The day comes, the noon passes and the night eventually hits. One day turns into two, two in four and weeks in months, into years.

My life is extremely unpredictable. It changes it’s course in a matter of days. And at one point I hated it, but now slowly but surely, that’s not the issue at all anymore. In fact, I’ve come to love this constant change and look forward to it and maybe Who Moved My Cheese  had a little to do with it, but my family had a lot more to do with it. What I want to talk about today, is not the change, but the mental images I make of that change.

I’ve been told that sensitive people overthink a lot. That worriers are smarter and hat they are more intuitive and the likes, I however, have a different reason to worry – I think too much and worry too much because I care. I either care about myself and my future or I care about others and their impact on me and my future. But the future well, it’s just that, the future. So here I arrive at a Catch-22.

One end I  want to live in the present, and not worry about the future. On the other end, I want to plan for the future and work towards it. Simply telling me to “calm down” or “relax” does JUST the opposite. I freak out more. I’m someone who needs to believe it, not just hear it. So, with a lot of introspection, patience and reading a ton of fiction, I’ve slowly starting seizing the day and planning for the future without over analyzing (too much).

I have a three step process.

Think. Work. Thank.

Think. Think about what I want tomorrow. Think about what I have currently that can enable that tomorrow. Think about the best way to move forward with what I have for where I want to be.

 Work. I start working on it. Will it succeed? Of course it will. It’ll take time, patience, reinvention, mistakes and again- time. It’ll happen. Failure is temporary, so work on it.

Thank. This is what keeps me sane. I make it a point to thank everything and everyone who has ever helped me or continues to do so. I’m very spiritual, I’m definitely a believer  (yes, I’m an aspiring social scientist. Don’t look at me like that). So I thank the universe for what I have, for my situation, for my family.

It is not to say that everyone needs to follow a rule or stop (over) thinking, but once I let go of the reins a little bit, I have more time to enjoy my day and be happy with where I am.While it’s not easy to just stop thinking, it is simple. Keep busy, have personal goals, surround yourself with things you love and one day at a time, see your life unfold.

Because ultimately, it’s all you’ll ever know-

The present for what it is, the past for what you think it was and the future for what you hope it will be.

So, have faith in yourself. If you’re a believer have faith in whatever/whoever you believe in and let each day unfold and surprise you.