5 Lessons at 22

I’ve been told that college is the most formative experience of your life -that it shapes you, brings you one step closer to where you want to be in life and opens your eyes to the world around you. I’ve heard that your college friends will be with you forever. I’ve also heard that college is the best time of your life. While at 22, I highly doubt college has been the only best time of my life, I am definite that college began shaping who I want to be and taught me some invaluable lessons that school never did. With each passing year, I get closer to embracing myself and more tuned to my heart. It’s not easy to find your passion and fight for it. I am lucky, I have the support system that encourages and believes in me and my dreams. And this year I learned to appreciate and enjoy this support. To truly believe in them when they believe in me. This year, I learned 5 things in particular –


5.  “You are but a speck in the universe – one that forms the sands below the seas.” – SfR

You are not your own person. You are an amalgamation of the people you’ve met, the experiences you’ve had and the stories you’ve loved. You are someone who is a work in progress. And that’s good. Because you can keep growing and learning.


4.  “Your uniqueness is limited only by the normalcy of your vulnerability.” – SfR

You are as unique as your emotions. You are not different or exceptional. You are a result of your insecurities and vulnerabilities. You are a form,of all your cultural identities and legacies and hence you are a complete world within yourself. You may be ordinary but you are whole.


3.  “You mind is the chaos of a writer’s world, and the only reality of yours.” – SfR

Strength doesn’t lie in the physical world. That’s muscle power. Strength lies within the definition and in abstraction. Strength is, how you define and perceive it. Your mind’s health doesn’t determine ‘weak’ or ‘strong’. Your mental health is the only important facet that you need to nourish and nurture. If your mind is in chaos, your perception of the world will be. Protect your mind at all costs.


2. “As the night gathers around rain, success sits in red” – SfR

Two lessons here 1. Your success can only be defined by you. 2. People will flock to you either when you’re successful or when you can help them.  Define your own success, set your own terms. But more importantly, be with people who believe in your dreams as if they were their own. 


1.  “The wasp attacks the plastic rose” – SfR

Wherever you are in life, whatever your choices, people will shame you for them. Their reasons may be justified or maybe not. One cannot hide away from the pressure of another’s thoughts and opinions. Find a path and stick to it. NO MATTER WHAT. There are enough of everything in this world – artists, entertainers, healers, teachers, preachers, and even nanoscientists, but there will only ever be one of you.

Life is as much in your head as it is outside it. That’s why words are important and lessons even more. This year will hopefully be filled with more lessons and many, many more successes.