How We Can Learn to Be More Confident

How can we be more confident? What can we do that will help us be the best versions of ourselves? Confidence is such an intrinsic part of our emotions and beliefs. It’s how we feel, so measuring it objectively is hard. Yet, in today’s day and age where everyone is doing everything and rushing to the next big thing, confidence has become imperative for one’s self and their work.

The good news is that Psychology is slowly but surely finding all the answers for us. How can we be less hypocritical, what impact money has on us and most importantly (for this article) how we can increase our confidence.

My website, The Psych Way, is replete with ground breaking psychology studies that will help us be our best selves and better members of society. One of the studies, on body posture, have shown that if we stand straight, or hold up out head and keep our shoulders back, we can indeed increase our confidence.

Confidence then, is a belief which we can train and work towards.

Here are a few scientifically backed things we cam do to increase our confidence-

  1. Sit up straight.
  2. Before an important event, stand up and don’t slouch over your phone
  3. Make it a routine to consciously walk and sit up right.

You can read the entire study and recommendations here- The Psych Way Confidence Boost.

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