Bullet Points For a Better Sense of Self

  1. Read Presence by Amy Cuddy or at least, watch her TED Talk.
  2. Recognize that you are your own person and no one else can EVER define you.
  3. Do whatever you love and do it with passion.
  4. Love yourself like you’d love your partner.
  5. Cherish yourself more than you’d anyone else.
  6. Be your own person. Remember, you’re a fluid being, not a static brick.
  7. Make mistakes and forgive yourself.
  8. Be grateful for everything you have.
  9. Read Mindset by Dr Carol Dweck, or watch her TED Talk.
  10. Recognize that being ordinary is great! Watch my TEDx Talk to see why.
  11. Choose your friends carefully and love your family deeply.
  12. Learn to argue and converse, not just debate.
  13. Listen to your favorite music more.
  14. Make time for yourself.
  15. Have hobbies and make time for them.
  16. Step away from your phone and start reading a book.
  17. Call up your best friends once a month
  18. Remind yourself that you are work in progress.
  19. Believe in your dreams and your competence.
  20. Work on yourself, learn new things.