Recognizing & Celebrating Growth

Every new year, thousands of us make resolutions to change, to grow, to evolve. We make resolutions to change our lifestyles, our habits, and even our personal characteristics. Many times, however, by the 15th of January those resolutions fail. Often that failure is attributed to lack of will power or life getting in the way or unrealistic goals. But seldom do people realize that many times, just in those fifteen days, they truly have grown, even if the growth is minimal.

Recognizing growth is such an essential aspect of our lives and yet people fail to do so. We are so quick to point out  all the failure and negatives in our lives that we don’t pay enough attention to all the growth we’ve accomplished. Recognizing growth is essential to continue growing and not give up on ourselves. Recognizing and then celebrating growth is not an inherent process. In a world that values modesty, we’re often taught to downplay our successes and strengths, hence we don’t know how to recognize and therefore celebrate growth. So, how does one recognize growth? You ROAR.


Give yourself some precious me time. With every change that you’ve listed down and decided to make, take some time out to reflect on how far you’ve come, what you’re done right and what you still need to do.

Open Up

Be open to a different form or reaction to growth. How one perceives growth and how it actually turns out is very different. We may not always expect what we see or find. So  be open to new ideas as you decide to grow.


When you set a goal, its for some form of growth. Admire the qualities that you seek to implement within yourself. When you admire the qualities of the goal you seek, it keeps you motivated and driven. To be able to pin point why you are doing what you’re doing helps your mind settle down on why it wants to do that goal.


When you’ve set a goal and you’ve accomplished a part of it, react to that accomplishment. Praise yourself. Don’t look to others to motive the change, look within and react to your successes.

I hope this helps you get back on the track of recognizing your growth and continuing to grow.

I’ll see you next week.