How To Be Mindful

When the mind is free, we are calm and happy. There is clarity of thought and action. There is an ability to focus on the present and be aware of its consequences. However, there are a lot of things that prevent us from being mindful. The constant stream of information that is thrown at us from the environment seems to force us to keep up with it. The buzzing of the phone, the honking cars, the roaring engines, the laughing children, the blowing leaves all seem to be distracting elements that prevent us from being mindful. However, in reality, not only is it possible to be mindful but it is also becoming extremely important to be mindful. Being mindful not only helps you attain a better sense of self  but it also allows you to be happier. So, how does one stop being so invested in the world and more invested in themselves? Actually, it is pretty easy – you just pause for 3 minutes.

Just for three minutes every day, put away your earphones, your phones, your e-books, your worries and just focus on the world around you. See the ways the trees are formed, the way the leaves fall. The people passing you by in a hurry, the laughter of friend in groups. Notice the way the world is changing and in doing so introspect on how you are changing with the world. These three minutes every day would be as long as walking to your nearest coffee shop but its impact will last forever. On weekends, sit in your favorite park or at home and close your eyes for three minutes and focus on your breathing. Just the way you breathe. Forget about the food to be made, the work to be finished, the friend you have to call- all that can happen three minutes later. But for now, just focus on yourself, your body and your mind.

Taking three minutes out of your day to disconnect from the superficial and reconnect with reality will enable you to see life as it is progressing and changing before your eyes. It will calm your mind and ward off your worries. It will help you put things in perspective, it’ll help you be more aware of yourself and your surroundings. Most importantly, being mindful will help you become more of who you want to be and a little less of who you don’t.

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