The Art of Being Grateful

“Don’t be grateful to please another, be grateful for yourself. Be grateful that life itself has happened and that within it, you’ve had glimpses to be grateful for.”


There is a lot wrong in and with this world. It’s mean, hurtful, selfish, arrogant and merciless, to name a few. There is a lot of good, of course, but more often than not, the good gets hidden behind the veil of everything wrong. In such a world it is difficult to be grateful. It’s difficult to see all the good that’s around us and when we do, it gets sidetracked by the constant surge of all the wrongdoings, either ours or someone else’s.

In order to maintain a good sense of self and the world, it’s important to be grateful for all the good in this world, including yourself. Because how we feel often is reflected in how we perceive the world. If we feel good, we perceive others as better. If we feel cheated we tend to look for ulterior motives everywhere. The idea is not to turn a blind eye to the world, but to invest more time and energy in ourselves than in the wrongdoings in the world. But how? The answer is easy, but it’s not simple. Seek goodness within yourself and others. Be thankful for kindness, selflessness, for people who choose to love and forgive, and for the many times that you’ve let go. It can be difficult to be grateful, so to help fasten the process, I’ve written up a list of things you can do to allow yourselves to be more grateful for all that you have and all the good that still exists in the world.

Forgive More

Be Thankful

Remember the good

Be Open

Be Kind

Be Mindful

Be Compassionate

Love More

It’s not easy to do these tasks every day or to even remember them, however being mindful of them and remembering them as often as you need, will be  a good start in the process of feeling better and doing better.

I hope this article helps you in learning to be more grateful. I’ll be back next Wednesday. Till then, let’s connect on Facebook  and Twitter?

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