My *Current* Favorite Quotes

Hello all you amazing people!

Hope you’re all are having a GREAT year so far! To make it even better, here are some of my all time favorite quotes! I have taken them from the internet  and tumblr have no idea who wrote them and illustrated them. They are not made nor designed by me.

Dont-let-anyone-ever-dull-your-sparkle51GR7QXbBUL._SX522_tumblr_m0in85ykE31r7o4kzo1_400tumblr_mc9agf23MZ1rhookpo1_1280 BeFunky_life is just like tea.jpg

imagesimages (1)quotes-about-life-tumblr-pictures45--best-life-quotes-tumblr-yczq8pn9tumblr_lwy3luY1zb1qbt7mgo1_1280tumblr_m0ku1mGwhS1ro50dso1_500tumblr_n9gy0cxfzy1s7sbgzo1_1280tumblr_m808yxpE071rarswto1_500



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