The idea is simple: when we shut ourselves away from the world, the worlds shuts us out too. It will keep moving everyday at the same pace as yesterday or maybe even faster. If we don’t see these little things before they become the big things, our lives will tend to be a little more unsettles than they already are. For seldom does anyone like change, and sudden changes affect us the most. However, if we are an inherent part of that change we can accept it more easily. It’s not a perfect science of course and the words may also be lacking, so take the best from this list and leave out the rest. These are 5 super quick hassle free tips. Take it or leave it but do read it.

  1. Say Hi to the Outside World
    The phone has become our instant mini world. We keep it out so often that we miss out on the real world. Every morning or evening or night put away your phone consciously for about 15 minutes and look around you. Notice the trees, the cars, the fountain, the houses and every time you do, I can bet that you’d see something you’ve never seen before. If nothing else, just walk or drive or take the subway and notice things around you, just for the sake of it, just because you can and because facebook will always be there (presumably) but your surroundings might not

  1. Absorb like A Child
    We look so much yet we gather so little. Every time you are out and about, don’t just ‘look’, observe. Observe the things around you, nature, concrete, humans, everything! The tilt of the trees, the fashion on the streets, the building in despair and everything in air. Observe like a child would. Why? Well, why not!?And when you do, you’ll realize that there is so much more life in the concrete, so many more emotions in nature and so much more warmth in humans than we thought there was and there is so much more to the way back home than just a subway stop.
  1. Tune Your Ears to the Music of today
    When you walk anywhere, the street, the park or even your office, listen to the sounds and noises and voices around you. Can you hear the birds in city streets? What does the modern world sound like? What is it about these sounds that you like or dislike? Why are the sounds the way they are? Are these the sounds you heard yesterday? Then with every passing day you become a part of your surroundings, a part of that change and your voice too becomes a voice, a sound, a noise, in the cacophony of the modern music.
  1. Re-discover Yourself
    We have gotten so used to being constantly ‘in touch’ with others that we are losing the ability to be in touch with ourselves. We don’t recognize the changes in ourselves and then wonder where did the time go? So instead of that 5 extra minutes on facebook, think about yourself. Do you still like that restaurant you went to a month back? Have you ever worn that new outfit of yours? Did you take up the hobby you were dying to? Have you called up home if you wanted to? Have you gotten yourself some lovin’? Maybe? Maybe not. If not, well you know what you’ll be this weekend!
  1. Open Up Your Mind to the Possibilities of the World
    When you walk, when you think, when you see, everything for the nth time even though eyes open, keep your mind open. For when you do, you accept the fact that things can change, that things might have changed and that even you and your beliefs might have changed, and in that change you may have become a better individual, an accepting individual, a changed individual. And if not you, the world around you has changed but you noticed the change, you passively allowed the change, you became a part of the change. Soon when change no longer bothers you, it can’t take you by surprise and equipped with the knowledge and workings of the change you are one step closer to happiness.

5 Little things that changed my life. It might change yours. You never know unless you try.


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