Is Religion Overrated?

Religion is a funny topic to dwell upon. It instantly conjures peace and turbulence in my mind and leaves me drained of all energy by the time my chaotic mind has rested. Born a Muslim and chosen to follow it, I am constantly at cross roads with my religion, my equation with my God and other followers of Islam and their expectations of me and my religion.

We follow the same holy book, no doubt, but our leaders are different. My leader is no one but God, but theirs is sometimes a human. A flawed, imperfect human; a human who aims to direct other people’s lives not by the intention that God would have enabled but by intentions fueled by his own innate desires for power. To claim as such is a mighty accusation in some eyes, however in my eyes another human ought not to be decreed better merely because he ‘chose’ to. He is, after all, human too and humans are prone to mistakes.

For God never made one being better than the other. He/she (for I don’t know if gender exist even within my God’s Kingdom) didn’t dictate gender, nor race. God didn’t divide the land nor money. In short God isn’t petty. Religion isn’t petty. The people of the religion are and so are it’s leaders.

Religion to me is a choice. But to some it’s a compulsion and yet to others it’s a façade. People who don’t believe in religion often point out the various reasons a non-believer and a believer are acquainted with. “You can’t see it”, “it’s all bullshit”, “it’s a matter of fooling people”, blah, blah, blah.

I get the sentiment, I really do. Maybe had I been more skeptical than I already am, I would have fallen for those arguments too, but for me, religion isn’t overrated, isn’t bullshit and doesn’t matter is I cannot see it.

It is simply a reason to believe. For me, it is an idea that reminds me to humble, grateful and kind. For  me, for a flawed individual it urges me to be the strongest I can and to believe in what I cannot see, especially if that belief is directed towards myself and my achievements and betterment that I cannot see just yet.

Religion is a belief, a faith, but most of all, it is a reminder that you are never truly alone.


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  2. Thank you so much! I absolutely agree with you. People must respect the fact that religion is personal choice, not a community bearing.


  3. I do agree, as is with a lot situations in our world people often misuse them for their own benefit. However for me, I try to not let those individuals negativity affect me or my views on things I hold dear.


  4. The problem with quite a lot of people is that religion is not for them what it is for you. Religion has been the biggest cause of strife among men until today. The biggest cause of evil.


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