The Little Things That Count

Every day is a struggle; a struggle to live, to survive, to be happy, to be who you are and where you want to go. And in that rush, that mad, everlasting depressing rush, more often than not we turn back and wonder when did life pass us by? When did these dark circles become a part of this reflection? And every time we do, we often have no answers, for caught in the daily rut of becoming and striving we forget to stop and appreciate. So what can we do to make the little things count? In fact what are the little things that count?
It’s the advertisement on the bus, with atrocious grammar, for someone didn’t translate it well. It’s the dog on the street cocking its head sideways as it looks at you pass by in a hurry. It’s the children’s park so full of energy and fun that even your tired heart must watch, even if just for a moment. It’s that building on your way home, that’s accepted the scaffolding as a part of its aesthetic appeal. It’s the little child who is always late for school and runs past you with a snickering laugh. It’s the new shop downtown which you know you’d never go to. It’s the crowded restaurant around the corner that smells so good. It’s the ice cream joint you hate for it doesn’t have chocolate. It’s the tiny book store flowing to the brim with imagination that is fighting for survival. It’s the jewelry store so uppity that’s flaunting its gems. It’s the saplings on the side of a dusty street that stands against all odds. It’s the colleague who smiles at you, whose struggles you know nothing of.
It’s not special. It’s not unique.
Little things that count, aren’t selfish, materialistic and don’t come with a report card. The little things lie in our path everyday of every week of every month of every year, but so often we forget to see them. We are so busy, we don’t have time, we are so impatient we stop keeping track. It’s not your fault or, mine but then, maybe it is. The little things pop up as mundane random things every now and then and wait for you to notice them, for you to stop, if only for an instant and smile, your best smile and walk away. For when you do, your day is a little better. They, the little mundane regular things, may not matter in your life at that point but in the grand scheme of things they teach you a lesson; to smile, to be happier and to appreciate the little seemingly routine things in life. So that even when life gets hard, the little things still matter and your heart still smiles.

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